Draw Pins (Lift Arm Pins)

Forged and adjustable Category 0 through 3 draw pins for a variety of applications, yellow zinc dichromate plated.

SKU/Part #CatDescriptionPin DiameterUsable LengthOverall LengthThread DiameterThread LengthWeight LbsPrice ($)
1021150Adjustable, universal5/8”Adjustable3-7/8”5/8” NF2”0.47.99
1021160Forged, universal5/8”1-7/16”3-7/8”5/8” NF1-1/8”0.47.99
1021170 to 1For Category 0 implements on Category 1 tractor, adjustable7/8”1-3/4”4-1/2”5/8” NF2”0.67.99
1021181 to 0For Category 1 implements on Category 0 tractor, adjustable5/8”2”5”7/8” NF2-1/4”0.67.99
1021191Adjustable, universal7/8”Adjustable5”7/8” NF2-5/8”1.17.99
1021201Forged, universal7/8”1-3/4”5-1/2”7/8” NF1-5/8”1.17.99
1021211Adjustable, universal, extra long7/8”Adjustable6-1/4”7/8” NF3-1/2”1.37.99
1021221Forged, extra long7/8”2-1/4”6-1/2”7/8” NF2-1/4”1.37.99
1021231Forged; replaces Ford 103283, MF662459M1, MF00955-7-7/87/8”2”5”5/8” NF1-1/2”0.97.99
1021241Forged; replaces Ford 131010, 195425M1, D0955-4-1/27/8”1-3/4”4-1/2”5/8” NF5/8”0.87.99
1021251 to 2Forged; extra long, use for Cat. 1 implements on Cat. 2 tractor1-1/8”2-1/4”6-5/16”7/8” NF2-1/4”1.57.99
1021271 to 2Forged; use for Cat. 1 implements on Cat. 2 tractor1-1/8”1-13/16”5-1/4”7/8” NF1-5/8”1.57.99
1021281 & 2Forged, universal1-1/8” & 7/8”2-1/16” Both8”1” NF1-1/4”1.99.99
1021292Adjustable, universal1-1/8”Adjustable6-1/8”1-1/8” NF3-3/8”2.39.99
1021302Forged, universal1-1/8”1-3/4”6-1/8”1-1/8” NF2-3/8”2.39.99
1021312 to 1Forged, use for Cat. 2 implements on Cat. 1 tractor7/8”1-3/4”5-3/4”1-1/8” NF2-3/8”1.89.99
1021322 to 3Adjustable, use for Cat. 2 implements on Cat. 3 tractor1-7/16”Adjustable6-1/2”1-1/8” NF3-3/8”2.912.99
1021332 to 3Forged; use for Cat. 2 implements on Cat. 3 tractor1-7/16”1-7/8”5-3/4”1-1/8” NF1-1/2”312.99
1021343Forged, universal1-7/16”2”5-7/8”1-3/8” NF1-1/2”3.512.99