Lift Arm Reducer Bushings

Used in the pin hole of a lift arm to allow a smaller category pin to t. Yellow zinc dichromate plated.

SKU/Part #CatDescriptionOutside DiameterInside DiameterLengthWeight LbsPrice ($)
1020660-1Fits all Cat. 0 top link pins7/8”5/8”1-3/8”0.12.99
1020672-JanFits all Cat. 1 lift arm pins; replaces Ford C7NN6992A1-1/8”7/8”1-3/4”0.22.99
1020682-JanFits all Cat. 1 lift arm pins; replaces John Deere F26841-1/8”7/8”1-3/8”0.22.99
1020693-FebFits all Cat. 2 lift arm pins1-7/16”1-1/8”1-3/4”0.33.99
1020703-FebFits all Cat. 2 lift arm pins; extra long1-7/16”1-1/8”3-1/4”0.54.99
1020713-FebFits all Cat. 2 lift arm pins; lynch 15/32” pin hole1-7/16”1-1/8”2-1/2”0.44.49
1020723-FebFits all Cat. 2 lift arm pins1-7/16”1-1/8”2-3/4”0.53.99
1020731Adapter Bushing for Cat. 1 Quick Hitch1-1/8”7/8”4”1.58.99
1020741Quick hitch adapter bushing kit1-1/8”7/8”4”312.99
1020752Adapter Bushing for Cat. 2 Quick Hitch1-7/16”1-1/8”4”16.99
1020762Quick hitch adapter bushing kit1-7/16”1-1/8”4”2.27.99