Lynch Pins

Lynch pin fasteners for many applications, yellow zinc dichromate plated except where noted by *,
which are powder coated, black.


SKU/Part #DescriptionPin DiameterUsable LengthShank LengthOverall LengthWeight LbsPrice ($)
102342Lynch Pin, standard3/16”1”1-3/8”1-5/8”0.030.49
102343Lynch Pin, with chain & cotter pin3/16”1”1-3/8”1-5/8”0.031.49
102344Lynch Pin, standard7/16”1-1/4”1-3/4”2”0.10.99
102345Lynch Pin, with chain & cotter pin7/16”1-1/4”1-3/4”2”0.21.49
102346Lynch Pin, standard1/4”1-1/4”1-3/4”2-1/8”0.070.99
102347Lynch Pin, short shank7/16”1-1/4”1-3/8”1-3/4”0.090.99
102348Lynch Pin, heavy duty, black fits Category 1, 2, & 3 pins7/16”1-1/2”1-3/4”2-1/8”0.130.99
102349Lynch Pin, with chain & cotter pin, black7/16”1-1/2”1-3/4”2-1/8”0.181.49
102350Lynch Pin, standard5/16”1-1/4”1-3/4”2-1/8”0.10.99
102351Lynch Pin, standard3/8”1-1/4”1-3/4”2-1/8”0.10.99
102352Lynch Pin, long, fits Category 1, 2, & 3 pins7/16”1-3/4”2”2-5/16”0.140.99
102353Lynch Pin, long shank7/16”1-1/4”2”2-5/16”0.120.99
102354Lynch Pin, with 12” chain and hook fits Category 1, & 2 pins5/16”1-3/8”5/16”13-3/8”0.151.49
102355Lynch Pin, with 12” chain and hook fits Category 1, & 2 pins1/4”1-1/2”1/4”12-1/4”0.151.49